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For the first time ever, write your math on an electronic Braille device!

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For the first time ever, write your math on an electronic Braille device!p_014

October 24, 2013 – If you are a blind student walking in to a math class, this process may sound familiar to you. You probably came from a previous class where you did all your work on your electronic Braille device. You now put that powerful and expensive tool back in your back pack, and use the trusty Braille Writer to complete your math assignments for that day. When you are finished, you probably hand your brailled hard copy homework to your teacher of the visually impaired, and they then proceed to spend countless hours transcribing your Braille into readable print for the classroom teacher to grade. But by the time that the classroom teacher has received your assignment, your sighted piers have already received back their grades, while you sit wondering how you scored.

With the upcoming launch of KeySoft 9.4, the BrailleNote Apex will revolutionize how you complete assignments in your math class. You have been using KeySoft’s word processor in all of your other classes for years, and now that same word processor is ready for Nemeth Braille entry. By simply doing one keystroke, you can type in Nemeth Braille, and hear exactly what symbols you are typing. And what’s more, if you are a teacher of the visually impaired, go ahead and connect the Apex to a standard computer monitor and watch, in readable print, as your blind student does their homework.

“Since taking over as product manager for the BrailleNote Apex last year, this has been the most requested feature by teachers and students, and we at HumanWare are so excited to see how it changes the way blind students and their teachers work in the classroom,” says Greg Stilson, Technical Product Manager of Braille and GPS products for HumanWare.


KeySoft 9.4 will be a free software update for all BrailleNote Apex users launching later this fall but if you can’t wait to hear more about this revolutionary new feature, HumanWare will be releasing a series of snapshot videos outlining just how this new Nemeth feature will work. Click on the below link to be introduced to doing math on the BrailleNote Apex:

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