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Jacobus tenBroek Banquet Speeches

National Federation of the Blind Jacobus tenBroek Banquet Speeches


Jacobus tenBroek

Let me offer an ancient and wise proverb: “If you give a person a fish, you can feed him or her for a day.  If you teach that same person how to fish, you can feed him or her for a lifetime.”

No individual in the history of the National Federation of the Blind has taught more blind people how to fish, worked harder, loved more, or given more generously of time, talent, energy, or resources than Dr. Jacobus tenBroek.

         –Marc Maurer, July 3, 1986, at the banquet of the national convention
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Jacobus tenBroek--black and white portrait.Jacobus tenBroek, our founding President, began the time-honored tradition of great orators in the Federation.  His speeches paved the way for so many who have followed–not only in time, but in spirit, in heart, and in strength.


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